I failed my final because a GIRL sitting next to me was wearing a TANK TOP ad i saw her sholders and got distracted all the blood in my brain went to my huge Dong

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you kids these days with your rapidly growing concern for the state of the world and your knowledge of important issues at increasingly younger ages despite having been told your opinions don’t matter by the adults who put you in these situations

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Okay, here’s a rant. There’s a difference between what society expects out of women and what we are biologically engineered to do. If people would pay more attention to the animals we evolved from, they would realize that the way we act is no different than other animals. In almost every species, the male has to impress the female in every way that they can in order to pass on their genes. With loud gestures, acts of dominance over other males, and what not. I think where human’s problems lie is we get confused and think the male should be dominate over the female when the male should be displaying dominance over other males. And then we created a whole society out of this crazy idea. I do believe that the idea that a woman staying home and taking care of the kids while the husbands goes out to take care of the family by whatever means to feed them is not a crazy idea. That is what we are biologically supposed to do. Its very uncommon for the male of the species to be the sole parent raising the children. I think people need to pay attention to our true genetic background and realize that some of gender roles aren’t determined by asshole men who don’t want women to work but rather biology.


reblog if u remember when apple was a FRUIT, kids played OUTSIDE not on their ipads, and decomposing VICTIMS of the BUBONIC plague LITTERED the STREETS

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before blaming others, think: whats the 1 constant in all your failed relationships? its that cursed egyptian amulet why do u even have that

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